Please find below a summary of some of the legal services offered by Elliott Goldstein:

1. Debt collection services in Ontario Small Claims Court* and Ontario Superior Court of Justice

  • demand letters, searches (corporate, business/name style, writs),
  • preparation of pleadings and conducting trials in
    small claims court (up to $25,000.)
    simplified procedure ($25,001 to $100,000.) and,
    regular procedure (over $100,000.)
  • enforcement of judgments at all court levels in all jurisdictions
  • judgment debtor examinations,
  • garnishments of bank accounts, book debts, etc.,
  • writs of seizure and sale - enforcement and repossesions, etc.

* Because I am a Small Claims Court Deputy Judge in the Central East Region of Ontario, I do not appear in the Small Claims Courts of Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Barrie, and Durham (Oshawa).  I do appear in Toronto and Brampton Small Claims Courts.

2. Business Law

  • incorporations, shareholders agreements, buy/sell agreements, equipment and realty leases, contracts for services, indemnities, guarantees, etc.

3. Estates law

    • Wills, Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property Management

4. Employment law

    • Employment contracts, advising employers to prevent wrongful dismissals.

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